Flint – Missions and Water

Many have wondered what we might do to help the people of Flint.  Here is some information from our conference, the Great Lakes Conference:

The GLC and the ECC (Covenant World Relief and Love Mercy Do Justice) are partnering with the Wesleyan Church and other groups who are part of the CCDA (Christian Community Development Association) to join in efforts to
bring relief to the people of Flint, MI who are experiencing hardship due to the water emergency. We are targeting areas that are not presently receiving much in the way of resources (water, filters, fresh fruits and veggies, lead blood level testing) either from the city of Flint or from other agencies. Reasons for lack of resources in these areas:

* Residents not having transportation to get resources
* Not having US government ID (MI ID, driver’s license or US passport) to access resources
* Not being able to speak the language so they don’t know what they should be doing (they may still be drinking the tap water)
* Not having a settled address to give the authorities in order to get resources
* Fear of the authorities, distrust of the city agencies

We will be:
* Gathering and delivering water
* Gathering and delivering fresh fruits and vegies (healthy nutrition in the form of fruits and vegetables high in iron and vitamin C may help the body resist taking up the lead from the water)
* Rapid testing for lead blood levels (particularly for children as they are the most at risk, but also for some adult populations)
* Referring those who have high levels of lead in their blood to appropriate health care facilities
* Educating the people about the situation
* Helping those who do have filters, to install and use them properly

The partnership that the GLC/ECC/Wesleyan Church/CCDA members have formed has been termed the Flint Grassroots Initiative (which is quicker than naming all the partners). Other groups who have agreed to give resources are Covenant Community Care (in the Detroit area) and various wholesalers at Eastern Market in Detroit.

Places where we will be distributing resources are:

* Joy Tabernacle (2505 N. Chevrolet Ave)
* La Familia (3242 Whitney Ave.)
* Hispanic Technology & Community Center (through Royal Priesthood; 2518 Delaware)
* Our Lady of Guadalupe (2310 Coldwater)
* This is not an exhaustive list as we are at present seeking to develop a relationship with an African American congregation on the east side ofFlint and with the school system

How you may help
* Donate to the relief efforts through Covenant World Relief (specify for the Flint Disaster Relief) or the GLC ( go to www.greatlakes.cc; go to top right hand and choose “Donate Online”, specify “Disaster Relief” fund) or
your local GLC church (specify for Flint Disaster Relief; have church send to the GLC)
* Gather water and take to one of our distribution sites (please call or email the church office)
* Volunteer (to acquire resources; to get resources to Flint; to hand out resources; for specialized services- plumbing, counseling, chaplain, translation-English to Spanish to English, etc.) We hope to have a group distribution effort as early as Sat., Feb. 13. Let me know if you are interested (please call or email the church office)
* Mission trip- longer than a day trip (please call or email the church office)
* Look for more info to come from the GLC office
* Give us your thoughts and ideas (please call or email the church office)