Winter Weather

Although we are used to winter weather here in western Michigan, we do sometimes cancel events because of the bad weather out of concern for safety.  Here are the ways you can find out if a weekday event or Sunday morning services have been canceled.

  • Check the website – notification will be on the home page.
  • On our Facebook Page
  • Check the listings on WZZM13, at  It will be listed under Fruitland Evangelical Covenant Church.
  • You can also receive a text message alert, by signing up on WZZM13.  Go to  On that page, there is a box to enter your mobile phone number, and beneath that are two drop down menus. Select the one that says WZZMCHURCHES, scroll down to “Fruitland Evangelical Covenant Church” (be sure it says Covenant, there is also a listing for “Fruitland Evangelical Church”, you want the one that says “Fruitland Evangelical Covenant Church”).  After checking the box next to “Fruitland Evangelical Covenant Church”, click the Sign Up button at the bottom. Whenever there are closings, you will receive a text message notification.
  • If you wish to receive a phone call, please call the church office (231-766-3871) and ask to be put on the weather alert phone tree.

For weekday events, our general policy is that when the Reeths-Puffer and Whitehall schools are closed due to weather, church events will be cancelled.

For Sunday morning worship services, the decision for cancellation will be made by the pastor along with the church chairperson   Any cancellation will be decided by 7:30 am and posted by 8:00.